Thank you to my lovely wife for painting my little workroom not a disgusting color.

Just wanted to let you know it might be about 3 weeks before I get back to working on my violin. I am working 60 hours a week at work to help catch up with the school rush.

More good stuff will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

Installed my new ball vice. Solidly attached and easily removable.

Finally finished up the purfling in the top and the back. It was a long process. I now know a few things I need to do to make the process easier next time.

This is showing the process of dying the Pear veneers for making the blacks of the purfling. 

The bottom image is Pear/Poplar/Pear and will be glued together to make purfling. The finished thickness will be 1.2mm.

allthingstweed asked:

How long does it take you to make a violin from start to finish? How many have you made?

I am currently working on #2 and #3. I sold my first violin January of this year.

I don’t have a good gauge for how long it takes, since I work full time, and do my violin making after my 45 hours a week at work. I think someone who makes instruments full time can do it in 3-4 weeks (not including varnishing). Everyone works at a different pace, and varnishing can take a long time depending on your process and what you want to achieve.

So to answer your question, it takes me about a year. Which is too long.

iumium asked:

Did you attend a school/college for making wood instruments? If so, where?

I did. I attended a violin repair program in Red Wing, Minnesota. USA. It was an intensive year-long program I took after getting my bachelors. There are a few well known “violin making,” schools in the USA, but they are 4 year schools and I didn’t have another four years in me. But the Red Wing program is pretty well known and that’s how I got my start. I got my first job 2 and 1/2 years ago at a violin shop, and have been making and repairing since.

I’ve also had the privilege of working with Raymond Schryer, from Canada on two separate occasions. He is a multiple medal winner of the Violin Society of America competition, and a gold medal winner for Cello in the Triennial competition in Cremona (a very important location), Italy.

I am a new maker, but have had solid training and am progressing quickly. I know the process seems slow (because it is), but I work full time, and all the pictures/making you see on here is on my own time after work.

I started this tumblr because my long time friend/artist Jacob Van Loon (look him up on tumblr) suggested it, and because I would have loved to have had access to following something like this when I was younger. I find the creation process of art and any fine craftsmanship as beautiful as the finished product.

Feel free to share this with people who will enjoy it. Please don’t rip off my images.

Danny Fallon.